Nov 7, 2012

Picture Of The Day...

When you think you're living the perfect life, something bad tends to happen between the perfect moments...
Memories are one thing that NO one can take away from me..

I find Dolphins very fascinating and always make sure that whenever we have the opportunity to watch them, we do.  

A few years ago, we were in Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas and I was fortunate to snap this picture of the Dolphins at play. They were happy and carefree.  What a fun experience.

As I was awake very early, it was nice to just sit enjoy my coffee and that led me to relive a few memories and good times.    All of this after taking care of Brutus' needs of course.  Today he even had a little walk with his leash on the balcony.

Sometimes just a tiny little something can put you back into another place, another time and so many memories come flooding back.  What they say is true.  A picture is worth a thousand words, be it a good memory or a bad memory.  Seeing the picture brings the moment so vividly back into focus.

Well it's time to begin the day.  No more memory lane for now.  Back to reality:)
Have a good day everyone and smile.

Life is about getting hurt, pain and of sadness but life's also about happiness, love and of fun and the happy, loving and fun moments will always outweigh the others...