Nov 30, 2012

Home To Brutus...

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself....

Vacations are great, but no matter what the best part is going home and being greeted at the door by Brutus. Both Arvid and I are just always every excited when we are planning a trip.  We always make sure we do not bring out the suitcases in advance because according to Arvid Brutus gets really sad and this makes him and I sad as well.  Such a dilemma.

here he is hiding in my clothes:)
Brutus looks at us with these big eyes, Arvid says "big sad eyes filled with tears."  Arvid always leaves him a pair of his shoes so that Brutus can sniff his smell.  Seems to comfort him, both of them actually.

making sure it's the right one:)

No matter how much we enjoy a place, home is always where the three of us are.  Our brief trip to Eleuthera has been very good, but not the same without Brutus.  Strange as it may seem, it was not difficult to view the Lil red as someone else's home.  Kayla and Jake love it.  They are doing lots to it and though it looks the same it is now their home.  

additional opening to the sea...their own marina in the pool
What we had planned to do they are doing.  We could not be happier that The Lil red has found the best owners....

Now it's back to home in Florida and the beginning again of craziness...yeah, life is good.
Have a good Friday everyone.  Still early and plans to be made, people to meet and places to go.
Loving it!

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts