Jul 17, 2013

A Beautiful Life....

Today isn't just another day.
Today I will create something beautiful...

With a big smile, Arvid said to me, "you tricked me into drinking on a Tuesday",  and I did.
I don't think of it as tricking him, but just suggesting to him that we should stop at one 
of our favorite pubs in the city and cool down.  It was approximately
90F.  We were out and I was roasting.  People were even playing
Chess on the sidewalk.  This is a typical summer occurrence.  Anyone can
stop and play :)

 For a change I had something called a Strawberry Dazzler. Gotta say it tasted
really good.  Combination of strawberry, lemon and vodka. Perfect
for a hot summer day.  After a few sips I was just ready 
to pass out.  Everything was spinning, but I managed to drink 
most of it and we had quite a few laughs.  The day was hot, but beautiful.

Earlier in the day after a bit of packing, I went out shopping on my own
while Arvid did whatever Arvid does :)  Both of us happy.
Just walking along the streets, seeing the people and going into a 
few of my favorite stores was enough to make me happy.

Yes, hot or not hot it was just a beautiful summer day in 
Chicago.  Arvid said to me, "you know, we should go out
for a little drink during the week.  I can have a beer and you 
can have a coffee or anything you like".

No better way to end the day than going to the hot tub.

Now I just woke up to a beautiful sunrise with Brutus.  
Promise of another hot, but gorgeous day.
Remember everyone, begin and end you day with a smile.

I have learned that success is to be measured not so much
by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles
which he has overcome while trying to succeed...