Jul 21, 2013


For some Chicago expats, food is the medicine that blunts the pain of separation... 

Time is going so fast.  Pretty soon we will be leaving Chicago and though I am happy 
we sold so very fast I will really miss the summers here.

Beautiful no matter where you go.  Lunch out and every moment
was just something to see and something happening!

So far everyone who has visited us in Chicago loves the city.
Arvid's brother and girlfriend said it was one of the nicest cites they have 
ever been to and the definitely want to come back.  Plans were that
maybe they would have visited this year, but this did not work out.

Unfortunately, Danielle cannot make it here either.  Busy little girl
this year.  Hopefully now she and the other nieces and nephews
will visit us in Florida instead:)

My sister and entire family also visited us and though their city of 
choice is New York, when they saw Chicago my sister was 
all ready to buy an apartment also for summer usage.  They almost did:)

I can see why everyone would fall in love with this city in the SUMMER!  It is 
like no other city.  Always something going on.  Every single day
in the summer their are activities in the park, music, family fun everything
you can imagine.  I have a Facebook friend from Sweden who visited Chicago.
Also fell in love with the city!  Swears to come back soon.

I know for sure both Arvid and I will definitely be back!  Still
have some time left here so we are sure going to make the most of
our time here... Every moment counts.

Let me tell your something. 
I’m from Chicago. 
I don’t break...