Jul 11, 2013

Never Judge a Person...

Every person is like a book. Judging people is like judging a book by it's cover. 
When we read, we know the intricacies of that book and then like it, whatever the cover may be like. That's why being judgemental is a very narrow minded approach of limiting your intellect. Once you turn over a new leaf and start to form your own opinion without over analyzing situations and people, you'll see the difference...

We are all guilty of this.  We all judge people and I know I am no exception.
Sometimes we just see someone, we don't even know them and already we are forming
an opinion about them.  Many times it's the wrong opinion.

Next time you meet someone, make sure you know them a little before
starting to judge them.  I will begin by following my own 
advise as well.

In my experience, I have found that women are more judgemental.  Women are harsher and more critical towards other women.  Arvid says that he thinks "women just hate each other, and that 
most are just jealous of each other."

I also believe that women are more catty.  It has been a rare occasion that I have witnessed two 
women together for an extended period without there being some kind of friction.

Just like we believe we deserve the benefit of the doubt so do others.  
Remember, don't try and judge a person because you have no clue as to what they have been through!

I'd rather be naked in front of a guy than in front of a group of girls. 
Women are judgemental.  Men are just grateful...