Jul 10, 2013

Good Day For Both Of Us....

I enjoy moments alone with myself.
My energy is restored and
I am reconnected with my soul...

Everyone deserves to have a day to themselves and yesterday was just that kind of a day.  Both Arvid and I had a day to do our thing.  Arvid had a day with the boys from Norway and I had the whole day to do anything I liked.  After seeing them off the day was mine.  

Goodbye boys, have fun on the tour of The Chicago River and fun they did.
This give me a chance to do a few things I like and to not have to
worry about if Arvid is bored or not.

I just toured around the city, stopping at a few places I liked and
in random order.  Dessert came first before lunch and that was fun.  I love taking
random pictures so had a blast with that also and was able to just stop and 
enjoy anything I wanted without rushing.

Then it was time for a manicure and a pedicure.  This is my favorite way to 
a fast feel good.  Today I choose midnight black.  Love it!
After that it was to the mall.  Right now I am into necklaces and boy
was there a lot to look at.  I also love going to the children's
department.  My little niece Lilly Vade is only 5 and I can 
still get her clothes she will like.  My favorite is the Ralph Lauren section.
I know she will like the dresses and we look forward to seeing her in them soon.

After that it was time for a late lunch at my favorite Indian Restaurant in the city.
Arvid finds Indian food too spicy so we don't normally go there, but anytime
I can sneak in some alone time this is where I go for food.  Everything is always
excellent and as usual I tend to over eat.  I love to try a little of everything. 
Arvid not too into trying much, so yes it was a fun, fun time!
Back home we headed for the hot tub.

The day is looking good and the morning routines have already begun.
Some good and some (meds) not so good.

Have a good day all and remember a smile and a positive 
attitude costs nothing!

I think it's very healthy to spend time alone.
You need to know how to be alone and not
be defined by another person...