Jul 12, 2013

Not The Same....

You are special.
You are a beautiful soul.  Amazing in your own way.
It might be your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your inner glow..
Everyone of us has a quality that someone else admires.
You are you....

It makes me really sad that this year Danielle our niece will probably not be able to visit us in Chicago.  Both Arvid and I look forward yearly to her visit and to spending time with her.  She is absolutely refreshing and has one of the best personalities around.  What I really enjoy about her is that she is never afraid to tell Arvid what she thinks about him or about anything else.

I remember last year as we were watching something on TV, Arvid by the way cannot watch one show at a time sometimes he has three things going on.  Annoying to say the least, anyway, Danielle said to him, "you better not change the channel while we are watching Suits because this is my favorite show". Miracle , Arvid listened and for that hour we never changed channels.  Danielle and I were happy, Arvid so so.

This year Danielle graduated from high school.  Thus she has many trips she is taking which does not give her time to visit us in Chicago.  She took two weeks in Florida in a timeshare with friends.  Two + weeks now in London with her best friend and maybe a week or so at the Jersey Shore at a beach house then preparation for college leaves her no time this year for Chicago.

Arvid and I always have such a great time with her.  She is just a one of a kind girl and I loved shopping with her, buying her a few things, going to the movies and taking her out to our favorite spots to,eat.  Yes this summer is not the same without her.  
She and Arvid also always have a bet going on.  Currently she owes 
him a dollar cause both her and I bet on the Spurs, but Heat won.  
We both lost Arvid won :(

As of last year she has beat Arvid on his time and his moves on Solitaire.  Since then he has been trying to catch up, but so far no luck.  Since she's not here 
Arvid said it does not feel right to go to the movies without Melvin.  
For some reason he calls her Melvin (inside joke between them).

We did have a friend visiting this year and it's a nice thing.  
They also fell in love with the city and said it was on their favorite cites visited.

Danielle all of a sudden is all grown up..and starting college this year.  Hopefully,
she will one day want to came and spend time again with us.
She has a special place in our hearts.  Same as with all the others.

I miss going to our favorite Starbucks together.  She has taught me to enjoy shopping at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and some other stores.  I enjoy every moment
spent in company of my nieces and my nephews.  Now that the girls
are all growing up we are friends and I look forward to seeing
more and more of each and everyone of them.  

Yesterday we passed a few of our favorite stores and it made 
me wish you were here.  We love you.
Arvid just said to me, "that girl is special and she will go far in life"

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability
to see yourself through my eyes,
only then would you realize how special you are to me...