Jul 3, 2013


In this room we don't do easy
we make easy happen through hard work and learning.
Cat owners prayer: Lord, me me be the person my cat thinks I am...

It's been almost two weeks now that we have started giving Brutus oral medication.
He gets two different medicines every morning.  Means I have to give him two dosages.
If you have pets and especially a cat as finicky as Brutus you know that every moment is a struggle.  

Arvid prepares the syringes and I am the one who has to give it to him.  I have tried
all kinds of ways to bundle him up and even so he manages to escape.
In the process he pretends to be choking and he gags ans sticks his tongue
out.  He looks awful, but even so he still gets his medicine.

Every morning it is becoming more and more difficult to give him his meds.
He looks at me and he runs and hides.  Of course, I eventually catch
him, grab him and wrap him tightly.  Arvid says he looks like a seal and also Arabian.

After I am done giving him his med, he waits until I wipe his face then 
he scoots away.  He runs towards Arvid seeking comfort.
At least one of us is not the enemy :)

Ever since happiness heard your name,
its been running through the streets trying to find you...