Mar 14, 2014

Getting Better every Day...

Start everyday with new hope,
leave bad memories behind
and have faith for a better tomorrow...

It's another Friday that I am still not doing so good.  Not it is starting to get to be a 
little too much for my liking.  Surgery was on Wednesday.  Fastest in and out surgery
I have ever had.  My total time at the hospital was 8 hours and 3 of those was the duration
 of surgery. It felt great to be able to go home the same day.  I mean within less than 3 hours.

Like many with Thyroid problems, I will also be on medication for life.  Pretty
easy exchange for having my cancerous glands remove if you ask me.  I will also be
taking a calcium supplement.  Not sure if permanently, though I think so.  The pills are HUGE!

I have not been able to take them as of yet because I am still having a problem swallowing.
I thought that after my abdominal surgery this one would be a breeze.  It is and in many ways
it isn't.  I have the worst sore throat ever and just swallowing water hurts like crazy.  Also,
it is an effort to keep the neck up.  It feels as if it weighs a ton.  Turning is restricted as is 
talking.  It hurts to talk and sometimes I forget and do it then find myself croaking instead.

I am not complaining but truth is that I am bored and tired with all of this.   Going to bed is
an ordeal.  Last night as I was about to lay down it almost felt as if my neck was being 
ripped out of my body.  Trust I won't make that mistake again.  I have to go to bed and
settle in on my side.  Nothing I can't do, it's just that one forgets to take the necessary
precautions and one just takes for granted that everything is OK.

Aside for a little swelling around the neck, expected of course; I feel good.
I am a little hungry for regular foodies, but that can wait.  Today will f course
be better than yesterday.  Hopefully I will be back to my usual self in a few days!

Brutus still doing his oxygen treatment inn the chamber.  He still fluctuates
from low to high temperatures so is still taking tons of medicines, but on the good side
he is eating better, drink some more and using his litter.  Every little improvement is an
accomplishment.  When you think of it it does not take much to make one happy.

Will be a quiet Friday spent at home for us today.  Brutus going to the vet
in a few hours.  I have already given him medicines.  Arvid still sleeping and I 
am slowly drinking my cafe.  It take me now a very long time to finish my cup of cafe
these days, but on the bright side... I have that much more time to savor and enjoy it!
I'll just think of the Pina Colada I had the other day and pretend to be having one today.

Wishing you all a good day and a great start of the weekend.
Remember, whining does not solve problems.

One of the most important things I have learned in 
my so many years, is that life is all about choices.
On every journey you take, you face choices.  At every fork
of the road, you make a choices.  And it is those decisions that shape your life.