Mar 21, 2014

Long Over Due...

Make time for the moments that you both will remember...

It's  not really a vacation.  Even better than that it's a mini weekend getaway,
which by the way was long over due and which we were very much looking forward to.
We have had to cut it short, to just one night instead.  Still something to look forward to.

Due to medical reasons (which is an unpredictable thing) and to customers coming,
whom we believe deserve for us to be around; we have cancelled quite a few little
outings we had planned for the month of March.  Sometimes situations are unpredictable 
and one has to do what is best.  No one could have foreseen me being in the hospital.

Customers are what keep us in business so that was a no brainer.  Does not mean
Arvid nor I was ecstatic, but we do what needs to be done.  We have met with our 
customers, I have already had two surgeries, Brutus is more or less the same.  Now it's
just a little time for the two of us.  Something we have been missing in a very long time.

I know it was going to be a good time, but unfortunately like so many things we
have also had to cancel a few days on our little getaway.  Brutus needs medicines.
Also needs to be monitored  so he can eat and drink.  Sometimes I have to force feed him.

As you can imagine, life is stressful for me when Brutus is not well, two days ago,
Brutus started on yet another medication.  This replacing the horrible one.  It's a pill.
Given once a day.  He take it rolled up in a brown cheese given to him by
Victoria and Michael.  So far it has not been that difficult to give to him.

 In the meantime, we will have a little outing in the Keys.  One day, so that we can
come back and take care of Brutus.  Yes, I still am not 100%, but a change of
scenery sometimes does wonders.  Tonight we celebrate with some Pina Coladas.

So from now I would like to say CHEERS!
to everyone.  Wishing you all a great weekend as well!

Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn't just live through the days,
 or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment..