Mar 17, 2014

Here's To Better Days....

No matter how good or bad you think  life is,
wake up each day and be thankful for life.
Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive....

Yesterday I woke up not feeling that great.  I was just tired of being "sick" I was
 tired of not being able to get around the way I am used to.  I was just tired of everything
 and I was tired of hurting and having to be so careful of my every move.  I just wanted to
 get up, go in my car and drive.  Just anywhere the place did not matter.  We were asked to 
go out and have drinks Friday night with Victoria, unfortunately could not make it.  Sounds like
not a big deal, but trust me, if you had to be "stuck" at home for over a month without being
able to do your usual stuff, you will also feel like lashing out and every so often get irritable.

Not being one to allow too much negativity, I focused on better days coming.
Just little things like being able to move without hurting, or just driving myself
to the grocery store, the things I took for granted are the things I miss right now.

It sure does not help with Brutus still not doing good.  It has become a big battle
to give him medicines every day.  He froths it all over his face.  Hardly anything
stays in.  Makes me even more stressed that he is not getting the dosage he needs.

Today is a new day.  Neck is stiff but it will get "better" as the day progresses.
Usually Brutus gets out of the bedroom when I do, but it has been days now that he
just lays in bed with his dada.  Guess he got wise to that being medicine time.

He came out a few minutes ago and I snagged him.  Today had to do the meds twice
because most was frothed out.  Soon it's time again for his oxygen treatment.  Tomorrow
is his last treatment and if one were to ask, "how does he look?"  I would have to say,
"to me the same."  At least the morning is looking beautiful/  I'm already enjoying my cafe
so I know it has to be a better day than yesterday.  Yeah, little things make one happy.

Good day to all of you and never forget to give thanks for what you have
and to appreciate the little things in life that most times are the big things...

Having a rough day?  Place your hand over your heart.
Feel that?  That's called purpose.
You're alive for a reason.   
Don't give up!!!!......