Mar 2, 2014

Happy Sunday...

Today is special, and so are you...

Normally when we get mail it is either tons of junk or mostly bills.  Either way it's nothing
to get excited about, but yesterday evening Arvid picked up the mail and he came in with a 
huge red box.  He said, "it's from Norway and it's for you."  Like a little kid I was all ready
 to open my package before Brutus got to it.

By the way Brutus did beat me to the big red box.  I let him sniff it a bit 
as Arvid opened it up for me.

Surprise! Surprise!  Inside the big red box there were two other packages
beautifully wrapped and a beautiful card all for me.  Needless to say
I was very surprised and very touched.  The presents were from Helle.

If you remember, Helle is that little girl who touched my heart and who thinks
I am a pretty cool person.  She even wrote it in the card for me.  There is something
about Helle that makes her unforgettable.  Her smile, her, gentleness, her loving
personality... so many things.  All I know is she hasa special place in my heart.

Thank you Helle and family for all the pretty presents.  I love my colorful
pillow.  Comes in very handy when I cough or sneeze.  The hearts are beautiful,
the candy delicious, but I think my favorite is the beautiful card and the what's written in it!

Wishing you all a wonderful day.  Sunday is our day to just take it easy
and do something together before the week begins.  Yesterday was a very
nice day spent with family.  Tomorrow Arvid gets to spend a little alone time with 
Victoria, always good.  Yes, all is good in our world.  Hope the same is for all of you...

I like food and sleep. So if I give you my food, 
or text you late at night, you are special to me