Apr 15, 2014

A Busy Day...

No matter where life takes me, you'll find me with a smile.
 Presumed to be happy, always laughing like a child. 
I never thought life could be this sweet! 
It's got me cheesing from cheek to cheek!...

As Mondays go yesterday was no exception.  Arvid is definitely NOT a morning person.
I feel sorry for the one who tries to call him early in the mornings.  Of course if your're 
calling about business then he is all smiles and ready to go.  Yesterday, he had to deal
with the airlines.  Boy that was not a pleasant 45 minutes, on the other hand I can relate to 
that because even I when speaking with a booking agent can get nutty.  Good thing is we got tickets.

Once we got over the trauma of booking our flight things progressed more
smoothly.  Arvid calmed down.  He is fast to get "hyper" as he is to calm down.
As I have always said, "to know him is to love him" otherwise.....  hmmm

Lunch yesterday for a change was at home.  So good to eat at home. 
With Reshma here, we are on the move all the time so it is also more convenient
to eat out.  Today she and I will also be shopping and doing stuff all day long, lunch out.

Reshma is such a good girl.  Like I've said quiet and not a bother at all.  She did have
two requests.  She wanted to have a Henna Tattoo and try BurgerFi.
  As you can see not bad at all.  She's happy.

We also visited the Galleria Mall.  Always good things happening at The Apple Store.
Reshma needed a few new gadgets for her Mini Ipad, who better to go with her than her aunt?

Like I said it was a busy day, but so much fun.  More of the same today.
First I take her out to breakfast, then malling some more and lunch out.
Says she likes steaks.  Will see if that's true.  It's her last day and
already I am missing her.  In the meantime, good morning everyone.
Already it promises to be a beautiful day.

Reshma, to have a niece as wonderful as you
makes me one of the lucky few.  I'm 4 times lucky...