Apr 26, 2014

Garage Sale...

Another person's junk is someone's treasure...

What a day and it still as many hours to go.  We woke up early this morning in preparation
for our first garage sale ever.  More like getting rid of all the junk we would otherwise just
throw way, but instead Arvid and I decided to give a try to this garage sale
that attracts quite a crowd.

We got tho our house fairly early and set out a few tables in the drive way.

There were two more tables with similar junk.  It's 90 degrees and we were ready
to wait for the people we knew would soon flock to our junkyard sale.  Did not have 
long to wait.  The first was a guy on a tiny bicycle.  He rode around three times before i said 
to him, "you coming to look or not?"  He came and looked at everything, but said he needed 
not a thing.  I said nothing.  He then picked up those big shiny pots you see at the bottom of the table.
Looks at them, feels them and says, "well these are not that great"  I said, "for $1.00 a piece
did you expect gourmet pots?  He looks at me and mumbles something, but takes them.

Most of the things we were getting rid of belonged to the previous owner of the 
house.  We just bought the house and never got rid of much.  We never lived in it.
Just let friends and family use it.   Since it had a little of everything everyone was happy.

Now the house is rented so we need to actually get the junk out hence the garage sale.

The guitar belongs to Arvid, for $100. it could belong to someone else.  Many
actually liked the guitar, but did not want to pay for it.  Arvid did not want to give
 it away either since he does lots of trading and we will use the guitar in trades.

We had quite a few other things for sale. The king size bed was too large for most
homes.  I was very surprised at the junk people would buy.  Have no clue what
they would do with this stuff.  We got rid of just about everything on the tables. 
I was just giving it away at the end because we really were going to trash it anyway.

Well the day went by fast.  A little haggling and joking with the people
made it for a pretty interesting time.  I was happy, Arvid happy so all's well.

Now time for a little soccer for Arvid and depending on how we feel later
on today we may go and listen to some Reggae music for a change.
Hopefully we will go and the music will be good.
Always good with music...

Hope your day so far has been good.
Remember, be inspired by curious things.

One good thing about music, 
when it hits you, you feel no pain...