Apr 14, 2014


Life is all about having a good time...
Weekend is now over.  It's back to work and business, but since we still
have Reshma with us, I still have a few more days of half work only.  If lucky,
and I usually am maybe even less than half a days work for the next couple of days.

Having her here has been so far great.  The little girl is now all grown up at 14
years of age.  She's quiet, polite and very easy to have around us.  That makes now
two out of two so far that we will be looking forward to have visiting us in the future.
My eldest niece Danielle is already our "mascot"  She knows her way around us and we
around her.  Now Reshma is starting to fit in quite easily as well.  

Just last night Arvid introduced her to some new television shows. 
 Reshma has never seen them before and now she is a fan.

Yesterday it rained just about the entire day.  Had to rearrange some of our plans, 
but lunch was still a go at one of our favorite's PF Chang's, where Reshma introduced 
Arvid to a new entree.   This is not easy to do because once Arvid likes something he 
sticks to it. I believe next time we are there Arvid is going to have it. 
 He tried some of hers and I think he's hooked.  Interesting.  
Another good thing, we have lots of leftovers for tomorrow!

As the two of them watched TV last night Brutus and I played some games.
Can't ignore Brutus' needs because he gets a little jealous and starts biting
on his paw.  Don't want that to happen.  

Reshma and I went a little to the mall, but due to a huge beach festival going
on all weekend long it was pretty difficult to get a parking space.

There is always something happening right in our backyard.  Arvid and I did not
go because as Arvid says, "it's too wild" and we also have Reshma with us.  Either way
we would not have gone, but we did mention it to Arvid's brother and his family.

Have a good start of the week everyone.
Remember, good things don’t come to those who wait.
Good things come to those who pursue the goals and dreams they believe in.

What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while...