Apr 2, 2014

What A Day...

Sleep did not honor me with it’s presence...

Yesterday started out so very beautiful and so very relaxing.  The beauty part did not change.
The day was gorgeous all day long, but boy it sure was crazy hectic.  We transported two
cars to the warehouse and one did not start so Arvid and I had to push it.  Imagine that!

From then on the day just took a life of it's own.  Even a bit too busy for Arvid and I.
To top it all off I had another doctors appointment.  This was with my regular doctor
to see what kind of treatment and follow up I will require.  Waited for an hour before
anyone saw me.  Not so bad I always talk to anyone around so I got to know pretty much  
everything that was going on with the 70 year old lady waiting with me.  Made time go by fast.

Boy people are darn interesting if one only takes the time to get to know them.  In that time
we had together, I learnt just about everything that was ailing her and I was privy to her 
religious beliefs.  Let's just say at that point she and I did  not see eye to eye, but even so
we never stopped talking.  More like I did not even when I was starting to get a sore throat 
and cough.  Guess I am just a people person.

Anyway I eventually was called in.  Now it seems that the doctor wants me
to go and have a Nuclear Medicine Consult.  What is that anyway?  Just a second 
opinion it seems as to whether I should take radiation pill because of the cancer.

Let me just say I was truly exhausted.  Yesterday was a very long day.
On a good note, Arvid's brother and family came in last night.  I know the next 
two weeks are going to be extremely busy and chaotic.  Part of me is excited and 
part already exhausted.  Have to make up my mind.

Right now I am having a few quiet moments alone with Brutus. 
It's quiet and the chaos of the day has yet to begin.  Peaceful.
Never thought that I would welcome quietness so much and just sitting
and not really doing anything right now is just perfect.  I am for now relaxed.

Breakfast and then some family time.  Sounds good to me!

Wishing you all good times ahead,
today and always.

Let the good times roll...