Jul 20, 2014

Another Good Day...

Embrace the day!
Life is not the way it is supposed to be.  It is the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference....

Always before leaving to Norway we like to go to one of our favorite restaurants.  This 
would be Kaluz.  The food is good, the views are excellent, and when enjoying it 
in the company of a good friend  it is even better.  Can't wait.

It is always a pleasure to eat there and to enjoy the boats passing by. 
 For sure will miss it, but we are also looking forward to 
one of our favorite places right in Horten, Norway.

The restaurant is called Fishland and it's right on the water.  Going there 
makes us feel a little like being at home.  Our favorite dish there is 
a simple shrimp salad with hot baguettes.  Simply delicious!

Lots to do today so for now will say until later.
Hope your day is a good one and like I always say. May you live in interesting times.

I am both happy and sad at the same time, 
and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be...