Jul 12, 2014

Black Kitiies...

There are no truly evil cats, but there are evil humans..

I saw this the other day and thought of all the ones I know that have black kitties.
Also of the many I only know about.  Black kitties have a rep for being a bad luck thing,
but if you were to ask the owners of a black kitty, and my sister who owns a black dog

pictured above and named Marley, you will see that this is total nonsense.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  Not that I ever believed it either.

So this is what it say:
The BCC's Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat:

1. They're dignified, laid back, and friendly (if a little gullible).
2. They're great at staring contests.

3. They're always happy to see you--and not just because 
you're carrying a plate of food.

4. They run the best kissing booths.

5. They look fabulous with anything--even that horrible 
Christmas sweater your mother gave you and insists that you 
wear every year for the family Christmas card photo, 
because it's "festive."

6. They're the best at sticking their tongues out.

7. They're always prepared for an alien invasion.

8. They'll watch out for you and keep you safe,
 because they're heroes.

9. They will love you forever and ever. And ever.

10. They are the very best of luck.

Remember everyone that a back kitty is not an open invitation to be mean.
The color does not matter.  We have a kitty and whatever his color I would never 
change him for the world.  Color does not matter, what matters is that unconditional
love they give to us.  What matters is the way they make our lives so much better and the way
they insert themselves into our lives and make themselves indispensable and irreplaceable.

If you see a black animal crossing your path, all it means
is that the animal is going somewhere.  Be kind everyone.

Have a good day everyone and remember everyone,
kindness goes goes a long way.

It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white,
so long as it catches mice...