Jul 27, 2014

Sunday = Funday in Norway....

Buzzing by to say hello...

 Norway, land of the midnight sun.

and so our summer vacation continues....

The midnight sun.  During the summer the sun never sets. Capture this magnificent 
experience on a midnight sun cruise or safari before the darkness of winter arrives.

Norway is referred to as the land of the midnight sun due to the fact that the northern 
part of Norway is located above the Arctic Circle. This locale is known to receive 
sunlight 24 hours a day as from mid-May to mid-July.

With all of this in mind, one can sure have a good time.
I am now in a different time zone, but already acclimated 
 and glad to be off an airplane.

Even so, you know who is in my thoughts and in my heart.
I wait patiently everyday for that text from one of his sitters telling u he is OK.
Once the text comes in, I relax and continue on having a good time with everyone.

Hello and until next time friends.  Remember, life is what we
make of it.  Our attitude determines if we will have a good time or a bad time.
Sunday and instead of calling everyone, today we will be with everyone.  
Family time.  Today we go to Victoria and Michael's home. 
 With this heat who knows we may even jump in their pool.

To all a good day.  Today we spend it with family.
Always remember that in a family love is spelled time.

Simple music can make you sing, a simple hug can make you feel better, 
simple things can make you happy. I hope that my simple HI will make you smile...