Feb 9, 2015

A New Week Begins...

Start the day with a smile and finish it with Champagne...

Our weekend was ridiculously amazing if I may say so.  We did not do anything out
of this world, but whatever we did we sure enjoyed ourselves so much so that 
we found ourselves having a little sangria every night.  Just sips for me,
but even so it was delicious and me savored it to the last drop.

We did just about a little of everything including the movies.  Would like to go
 again this weekend, but I'm sure that will be too much for Arvid.  All I can 
do is try nothing to lose.   All he can say is nope, not this week.

We have been spending the last 3 weekends with one of our friends.  Quite a lot of fun
he is and when I did not want to go and listen to music Arvid had company.  It's 
not as if I did not want to go, but I know that the two of them stay out much
 later than I would want so it worked out really good for all of us. 
 I drove them to the location and they came back with a taxi.

Yesterday we all went looking at cars.  Together the two of them are car crazy.
Me I have a good time checking the cars out and taking pictures of everything
 in sight.  One never knows when that great picture might be taken.

Most of our day was spent with cars.  Afterwards Arvid and I had our alone time.
Very important to have our Sundays by ourselves as he says.  Of course sometimes it 
isnot possible, but then we are also flexible.  When we have it which is most Sundays we 
make it special.  By special I mean we make it last and we relax somewhere by the water
 just watching the boats as we have our meal.  Peaceful and quiet.  No unnecessary chit chat.

Monday here already.  Too bad the weekend went by so fast, but time to get busy again,
 be productive so we can celebrate when the weekend gets here or a little before.

Busy week ahead of us, but that is probably the same with most of you.
Makes life fun, interesting and always a challenge to see what we
 can accomplish once we set our minds on a goal. So let's do it!!

Good morning world.  Let's get this week started with a good attitude.

Start everyday with new hope, leave bad memories behind,
and have faith for a better tomorrow.  Happy Monday to all...