Feb 4, 2015

Almost Weekend....

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen....

It's another feel good kind of a day.  Brutus is still in hiding though.  Have not been able 
to give him his pills so far.  Guess it will be one of those hide and seek days.  I try to
 not stress it out too much since he senses everything.  Hopefully he comes
 out on his own.  I grab him and struggle a little and all done.

Looking forward today to having a little more quiet day. Arvid, on the other hand always
 has days packed with activity.  Like I always say, he finds ways to always stay busy.
It is his specialty and it makes him happy.  He is SPECIAL.

What Politics mean in Florida compared to everywhere else:

Here in Fort Lauderdale it is looking like a very good day.  The sun is
shining, we are healthy and as the new day begins we have new perspectives.
Everyday as they say is another chance we are given to get it right.  I believe so all the time.

Good morning everyone.  Wednesday.  Half the work week soon over.  
I'm already preparing for the weekend.

Wednesday, it's like the middle finger of the week...