Feb 24, 2015

More Jekyll Island...

Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy...

Yesterday I had the entire day to explore all by myself.  Jekyll Island is not big so there
is no way one can actually get lost.  That worked out great for me because no matter 
what I always ended up at the hotel.  I had a great day  exploring the island.

While Arvid traded, I had the day to do whatever I liked.  The beach is nothing like the
 beaches in Florida.  The water was not blue, but in its own way it was beautiful. 
 I walked the beach, I talked to everyone I met and I took tons of pictures.

Jekyll Island is very beautiful, but it is not exactly our style.  The rich and famous must 
see in this Island a peaceful getaway from their busy lifestyles.  For me it is very 
quiet and not too much to do.  Many historical buildings and historical trees.

We get back home tonight to Brutus.  Always the best part of any trip is going home. 
 Home where Brutus is.  We love to travel, but nothing beats being in the comfort of our
 own home.  Our own bed and with Brutus.  For now I will explore a little more of Jekyll
 Island  while Arvid continues trading.  I never know what we will end up with 

Be happy not because everything is good, 
but because you can see the good in everything...