Feb 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday...

Confidence is valuing your time.  Think how you would ideally balance your life 
between work, family, and other demands, including time for yourself. 
 Then work towards creating that balance....

Tuesday already and it has been over a week since we Skyped with our little grand-daughter.
Her schedule is even busier than ours and I usually make an appointment and clear it
with Michelle to make sure we are on the same page.  sadly it has not worked
out so well this week.  Little Aleah, like all little kids is enrolled inn tons 
of activities that keep her too busy.  Seems though that we may be
 in luck tomorrow.  Fingers crossed cause I miss her.

Next month Aleah will be big sister to Vanessa.  Yes, baby number two is soon
here. Summertime can't come fast enough for us to see them again.

This morning we were abruptly awoken up once again by the ringing of the phone.  
Again the call came from Norway.  Some still forget the 6 hour difference in time.
Gave us a chance to wake up early.  Arvid was not happy, but he got much accomplished.

Still a bit colder than normal, hopefully as the week progresses it will warm up 
even more.  Victoria is visiting soon so the weather needs to be nice and warm for her.
One of the main reasons for coming to Florida is to bask in the heat and just warm the body up.

Quite a few things to do today and since we have had an earlier than usual start, we are
 already ahead of the game.  Yesterday I did my online real Estate class.  I am one
 that does not want to spend too much time reading through the entire book
 or  listening for hours to someone online.  I advanced the course all the 
way to the end took the exam and yes passed.  Happy as can be!

Hope your day is a good one.  

If you want something really bad you must work to achieve it.
And in the process, you may find that the work is what drives you...