Feb 8, 2015

Happy Sunday....

Always welcome a new day with a smile on your lips and good thoughts in mind.
Good morning and Happy Sunday.  Take it slow and give your soul
 a chance to catch up with your body....

How to relax on a Sunday?  Hmmm... thought we had that covered, but it seems like Sunday
 is as good a day to run around and conduct business.  Arvid seems to think so.  The day
 is already planned out.  Has been since Friday so not too much time for family 
talks this morning.  How sad, but as Arvid says business is business.

The truth is, Arvid is very conscientious.  He calls his family in Norway every Sunday.
It is a routine that has been going on for years.  They all wait for that call.  Cute!

Yesterday we changed up our evening a little, instead of going to listen to music we went 
to the movie theater.  That Dine-In Movie theater is just the best.  It has now become 
one of my favorite outings and I am happy that Arvid so far is OK with it.
We saw The Loft and we enjoyed it very much.  It kept us guessing.

Soon it will be time to rumble as Arvid says.  Better get going soon.  This morning
we were abruptly awoken by the phone ringing.  Even though Arvid turns off all the
 ringers of our phones, somehow this one was still on.  The call was from Norway. A customer.
Sadly they sometimes forget the 6 hour difference in our times.  Anyway all worked out for the best.

Hello Sunday.  I'm used to it being a little less rushed, but then with Arvid one never knows.
I think that is one of the things I really like about him and at the same time
of of the things I really wish could be different...oh well.  Still happy!

Greetings from Fort Lauderdale.  I am enjoying the boats as they pass by.

A real woman can handle a busy man.  She'll respect his hustle
and if he's a real man, he'll know how to make time for her...