Feb 1, 2015

Sunday In Florida...

Make today a happy day and remember a day without laughter is wasted...

Sunday morning and Brutus and I are awake.  More like he's is awake, but he is hiding from me.
He know that as soon as he eats a little food I will grab him and give him medication.  
Smart kitty has stopped eating.  Not so good because now this is something else 
that I have to worry about.  Arvid says he will not "grab" Brutus because 
then Brutus will also be afraid of him.  Guess he's right, but once again 
I'm in this all alone.  Brutus is terrified of me all the time.

Here it is still a good day.  Brutus has not been amputated.  He is difficult taking
his pills, I have the scratches to prove it, but like it or not he will get them.

Last night we checked out the music scene in a new location.  Let's say, it used to be one
 of our favorite restaurants in Las Olas now it has changed to BAO.  It was just
 nice to walk around our old neighborhood once again.  Very beautiful

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you a Sunday filled with beauty. Today here in the 
USA it is Super Bowl Day. It is a day when all eyes will be glued to the TV.  Even 
Arvid and I will be watching the kickoff.  The halftime entertainment is also
 something we always look forward to.  This year it's Missy Elliot and 
Katy Perry.  Let's hope it's good.  The best are the advertisements!!!

And now for a little "lesson" of what we mean in Florida when we use
certain words and what those same words mean in another country. 

1.   Paradise 

What it means everywhere else: a far-away location.  Preferably with a beach
that you might get to visit once a year if you are lucky.
What it means in Florida: Outside.  Your backyard.

2.  Shuttle

What it means everywhere else: the vehicle you take from the airport to your hotel.
What it means in Florida: the giant rocket you watched launch up into space from Cape Canaveral.

3.  Flip Flops

Hope you enjoyed this.  More to come another time.  My sisters and family have
 kids, they will all be watching Super Bowl.  A HUGE part of super bowl
 is the SNACKS!!! Max loves his snacks!!!!

Happy Sunday... Enjoy the game for those watching.

May your enjoyment of the Super Bowl not be affected by the unspeakable
 horror of football season being over...