Apr 17, 2017

Bye Bye Trees~

Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature.
It will nurture your mind, body and soul...

On Saturday we did what most people would probably not do.  We chopped down
 all the trees in your back, front and side of the house.  Total of 7 huge trees and 
5 smaller ones plus some "bushes" that we had no clue what they were.  

The men did tell us that the so called bushes were flowers that would bloom soon.
  What the heck they went too.  Yup!  We like it treeless.  My mom and sisters were
 horrified that we took down all the trees.  My mom said, "they are Floridians."

The good thing about this is that I got a few planters out of the trees.  Who
know maybe I might decide to grow something.  Problem is I don't like 
grass and outdoors.  But I  like the idea of growing tomatoes and 
some other vegetable.  Hopefully Arvid will pick them.

As you can imagine, Arvid worked as hard as the 5 guys who were there.
Arvid worked side by side with them for 11 hours.  Yes it took them 11 hours
 to do the job, and even so they forgot 2 smaller trees.  I will chop them down with
the machete soon.  I worked on Saturday, at the hotel and when I came home I
also helped with the yard stuff.  Lucky for me I only had 5 hours of yard work.
Those who know me know that I DO NOT like grass! and outdoor stuff!

Hope everyone had a good and peaceful Easter Sunday!

Advice from a tree.  Stand tall and proud.  Go out on a limb.  Remember your roots. 
 Drink plenty of water.  Be content with your natural beauty.  Enjoy the view...