Apr 21, 2017

Friday ~ Weekend Is Here ~

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. You should never
 regret anything inn life.  If it's good it's wonderful, if its bad it's experience...

Both of our hotels at full.  Of course very happy about that.  The last two 
weeks there has been a flurry of people looking for a place to live. 
 We are still getting used to Branson and it's tourist season. 

 I feel bad for some of the people because they come to our hotels in 
desperate need of housing.  Now is the time for anyone to find a job  No excuses.
  Of course there will always be those that claim how it is "so difficult to find a job." 
 Truth being told there are hundreds of job openings right now.  Right 
here in Branson.  Every single hotel is hiring and there are hundreds
 of those.   160 hotels  according to booking.com.

Yesterday it rained and rained.  Today and the next few days same predicted.  
Just have to wait and see if it is so.  Saturday is expected to be cold
 again.  Life continues here I Branson.  Some days are busier than 
others, but everyday there is something unusual happening.

Yesterday I found a stray turtle climbing up our driveway.  Poor thing 
looked exhausted.  I picked him up and carried him safely to the other 
side of the road in a grassy spot.  Hope it was the right thing I did. 

After work, I come home to more work.  Sometimes I think it's easier being 
at work than being at home.  At home it seems that work is never done. 
 There are loads and loads of laundry all the time.  It's only the 3 
of us, yet I do laundry everyday.  Worse part is the folding.  

It's already Friday.  Today another of my tenants want to do lunch with me.
Looking forward to it because she is from Florida.  She's young and we 
will have lots to chat about.She comes to my office and when I'm not
 busy we have interesting conversations.  Looking forward to it.

Hopefully there will not be too much excitement at the hotels.  It will
be  ice to come home and just relax when the work day is over and not have
 to run over to either Arvid's or my hotel.  Yes..those days of 
sipping umbrella drinks are long gone for now.

Happy Friday all and may your weekend be one of relaxation 
and good times shared with the ones you love.

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on..