Apr 5, 2017

Feeling Accomplished ~

We don't grow when things are easy.
We grow when we face challenges...

As mentioned before, when Arvid and I took over the 2 hotels we had no clue
 about running one.  Today I want to say that we are so much better at it, but even so
 there is always much more we can learn and we are.  Everyday it is something new.
Most of our tenants are now more than that.  We have bonded and we have a good
 thing going with everyone.  I want to believe that we are making a difference.

 Something unexpected happens everyday.  As I just finished telling my mom and
 sisters the latest, we just could not help but laugh at the craziness that our lives 
have become.  A craziness we absolutely LOVE!  Everyday my mom tells me 
to start writing a book because no one would believe what we go through.

Arvid's hotel, 76 INN was not up an running when we took it over.  It was
 what I would call a mess.  Did that scare us?  Well obviously not enough.  
My hotel as I call it, was well run and just about 80-90% occupied.

Arvid's was more like 39%  and at times it dipped lower.  Arvid has become an 
expert at kicking people out.  He shows up to their rooms and says, "pack your bags.  
You have 15 minutes to get out."  Let me tell you when Arvid says that the people
 jump.  At times takes them a little longer than 15 minutes, but with  Arvid standing
 waiting there they have no other option than to pack as fast as they can and to get out
.  Arvid has perfected this kicking out.  One has to be firm and stand their ground.
We only want what's best for the hotel and all living there.  One has to be selective.

From an occupancy rate of 39%, Arvid and his property manager/maintenance 
man have worked long, long hours to what is today a hotel at 100% occupancy rate. 
 Has not been easy but determined is what we are.  Having two hotels we are 
able to direct people from one to the other when one is full.  

Arvid has the ability to have double rooms in his. I don't so when I have such 
customer, I send them to him, and if I have no pet room I send to him and vice versa.  
As of yesterday both hotels are at 100% occupancy.  Yes we are proud of this
 accomplishment.  We do not have much time for many things, but when we
 started this business our goal was to get to this stage.  Now the fun begins.

It's not the easiest of businesses.  As I mentioned. you never know what to expect on 
a daily basis.  You never know when an emergency will show up.  You never know
 how people will be and you never know when you will need to kick someone out.  

What I do know is that Arvid is always ready to do it.  I think he enjoys it.  We
 love what we do.  It keeps us busier than we have ever been  My mind is always 
occupied.  My Brutus and Shadow live tucked in my heart and our Sniff is always 
home waiting for us.  Life is good.  We may not have everything we want, but we
 do have what we need, and yes not a day goes by that I don't think of our Brutus.
  He is my baby and he stole my heart.  Sniff sure has a big chunk of  it also.

To all a good day.  Not sure what the day holds.  Maybe more tornadoes.
Seems like tornadoes are a daily occurrence here in Missouri.
Arvid and I are ready. Always something new.  We love it!

I know what we did and how we accomplished it.
We are proud of it and know that it was done with integrity...