Apr 27, 2017

Thursday Already~

Admire the way colors look different in rainy light....

Just another wet day here in Branson, Missouri.  Yesterday it rained and 
never stopped.  Was also very cold, windy and dark.  Everything 
I don't want right now.  It would be really nice to see some
 Palm Trees, beaches and blue skies right now.

Everything was fairly quiet at both hotels.  No "unusual" situations. 
 Thank goodness for that.  We have had quite a few of those, and for now can 
do without the excitement.  At Almost Home flowers are blooming.  
Tony and I have planted a few in front of the office in pretty planters. 
 Makes me happy seeing the pretty colors all around me.

At Almost Home Tony is also working on getting the pool read for Memorial Day
 weekend.  Never knew there was so much involved in opening of a pool.  
Arvid as usual is a busy man.  He comes and goes like lightning. 

It's been peaceful at both places and the fact that we are full is even better. 
 Both places have gotten into a very smooth rhythm with all of us working good
 together.  Team work at its best.  Even so, at nights I sleep with my phone under my
 pillow.  Just in case I should get an emergency call from either my hotel or Arvid's.
  Arvid still turns his cell phone off at nights.  So I get the call, should there be one.

Today not much rain predicted.  Very cold in the morning hours, but sunshine 
is predicted for a few hours of the day.  Looking forward to that so very much. 
The week is flying by.  Already Thursday.  Don't know how time goes by so fast!

Everyday is a good day when I cone home to Sniff and when I can "see" 
one of my nieces or nephews.  Makes me forget the "bad" and focus on the good.

See what beauty there is in a rainy day.  
Take time to stop and look at your world...