Oct 24, 2017

And So Begins Our Day ~

My favorite winter activity is going
back inside and putting my pajamas on...

Time to start getting used to the cold again.  Time to also pull out the winter clothes.
I get to wear my UGGS again.  The most comfortable shoes I have ever owned,
 and probably one of the most unattractive as well.  I take comfort any day.

Today is a good day for UGGS.  Really cold and the next few days even colder.
Luckily I am keeping warm with delicious Indian food at least once a week.

When Arvid is too busy to have lunch with me, I sneak away to the Indian restaurant.
I never leave hungry nor disappointed.  Already looking forward to going there
by the end of the week.  The most delicious food I have ever eaten is
Indian food.  I am Indian after all and it is what I grew up with. Spicy, tasty
and totally ,mouth watering.  If you have never had it, you have not lived.

Sniff has filled our lives with laughter and wonder, but there are days
that my thoughts are occupied by another furry baby.  Yes, I miss Brutus. 
Not everyday is bad, but yesterday was really one of those not so very good days.

Trying to explain how much I miss you is like trying to count the stars.
You can try, but it is impossible.  I really miss you Brutus...