Oct 2, 2017

Monday Again ~

I might look like I'm doing nothing, but in my head I'm quite busy...

Did not feel like getting up this morning.  The weather was tempting
me to stay in bed.  Snuggle with Arvid and Sniff and forget about the rest.

That of course cannot happen.  Work calls and we go.

I'm thinking of the beach and of taking a walk there right now,
Does not hurt to daydream a little as long as I snap out of it and get back to reality.

Mornings are foggy, but the fog soon clears away and beautiful
sunshine comes along.  All is good with us.  Keeping busy is what we do best,
and with 2 hotels we don't have to try that hard.  It just happens.

Each new day greets us with no rules except for the rules we place on it.
Greet the new day with open arms and endless possibilities...