Oct 19, 2017

Just Because ~

Being different is not a bad thing.
It means you are brave enough to be yourself...

This is how I feel some days.  Just different from the crowd.

Remember it's OK to be different, because 
nowadays, being different isn't really such a bad thing.
I have always been and sure don't care what others say.
I'm me and I like me and I like very much being very different.

We start our day once again on the cold side.  By noon it will be high
 80's and beautiful.  Sniff was awake very early this morning making a lot of
 noise with his box.  His foodies are bought online.  I think his favorite
part of this online shopping is that he gets to enjoy playing with the box.
Good morning all, may this be the start of an amazing day.

Don't be afraid of being different.
Be afraid of being the same as everyone else...