Oct 1, 2017

Live, NOW!

Don't be fooled by the calendar.  There are only as
many days in the year as you make use of....

Many times we forget that all we have is NOW! Regardless of what
happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow, NOW
is where we are and now is the time to make it count!

How many of us have more than once fallen into a pattern where we say, "I'll do it tomorrow" or "there is always time."  Let me tell you this is no guarantee.

Many years ago I met someone who I came to admire and respect very much.  This person was always living his life like as if tomorrow would never come.  He lived the moment intensely and passionately.  He died doing what he loved most, and if he were here today I can guarantee he would say he had no regrets, but that's something else.

Life my friend is unpredictable.  Here today gone tomorrow.  Sounds very ominous, but lately we have seen quite a few of our friends die.  They thought they had all the time in the world to do the things they wanted, they did not!  

Another "lesson" from my handbook on Being Happy.

Time does not really exist, except as an abstract concept in your head.  
The present moment is the only time you have.  Make something of this moment.

Mark Twain once remarked that he had been through some terrible things
in his life, some which actually happened!  Isn't this so true?  Our
tendency can be to put ourselves through hell in our mind,  contemplating
what could come to pass, yet if we look at the present moment,
which is all we have, there is no great problem at all!

That's why...Live in the now!

I am happy to say that this is something Arvid and I practice.  We live
for each other and we live and enjoy life everyday.   Arvid said that
since  being with me he wants to enjoy more of life and to LIVE!

This we are doing and we are loving it!  None of us has a guarantee
that we will be here tomorrow...now is all we have got.  So enjoy!

Go for it now.  The future is promised to no one...