Oct 22, 2017

Little Things~

It's the unexpected that changes our lives...

I am excited and surprised to have found out that some kind
of a berry is growing in our yard.  Now I can't wait to pick it and eat it.

Also our tomato trees have tomatoes.  Super excited about that.  Most of 
the tomatoes will be taken to work.  Unfortunately, I can't eat much of it.  Too 
much acidity, and now my stomach does not tolerate it.  Among other things.

When it's not raining, I try to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible.  It is
very warm right now.  That's good, but I have been warned by the tenants that 
the temperatures can soar to 100 F and last for days.  Not sure I am ready for that.

When we first got Sniff Sniff he did not like being picked up.
New he loves cuddle time and every chance we get we pick him up. 
 He is such a good little kitty and we love him very much.

A new day begins.  Hopefully a quiet one at the hotels.  Wishing 
everyone interesting days filled with happiness and a touch of magic.

The unexpected makes the story more interesting...