Jun 3, 2022

Friday June 3rd ~

 Live every day as if it's going to be
 your last, and one day, you'll be right...

And just like that another week is soon over.  It's been
 a very busy one, making it go by even faster than ever.

Even though it is busy, we still took time to have 
lunch out together, and of course I could not miss taking 
pictures of one of my favorite landmarks in Branson, The 
Branson Ferris Wheel of course.  All the way from Chicago.

With the rain comes the waterfall.  
I see on my way to and from work.

Boys time.  Every evening after a long day at work it really is 
a sight for sore eyes.  These two have a bond, even if sometimes 
Arvid is a little less than patient with Sniff.  Sniff after all 
walks all over him constantly. Arvid's tolerance level is low
 at times, but once Sniff is settled in, all good with them.

Wishing everyone a great day and an early start of 
the weekend if that's the case.  Seems a long time ago
 we started our weekends early.  Now we're lucky if
 we have Sundays off 😂 What a life we live.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine...