Jun 14, 2022

Tuesday June 14th ~

Always remember, your focus determines your reality...

Today is flag day😲.  Have no idea what that is,
 on the other hand it does allow me to take pictures with
 Sniff as a representative for flag day.  As my mom says,
 "Sniff is very patriotic."  Who am I to say otherwise 😂

Plans for the day?  We do, and it's called work 😂

Sniff is the only one in our household who
 has the time to slack off, and he does it so well. 

Whatever it is your day holds do it happily and with joy,
 even when it feels as if you just want to "quit" and walk away 
from it all.  Life is a combination of good and not so good
 days. We all have those, but giving up is not an option.

Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle...