Jun 21, 2022

Tuesday June 21st ~

 I just want a quiet life.  I think that’s what 
everybody says when they get older…

Not much new happened yesterday. I cleaned 
the cat litter for one of the tenants.  I took her 
some food emptied the garbage in her room.
and after that mostly lots of quiet times.

I also made lunch for us at home. Pretty good 
if you ask me.  More or less the same going on today.

It is extremely hot and the heat wave continues.
  No relief in sight.  All that being said, it’s going to be
 a long week.  With not that much to do right now,
 both Arvid and I are starting to get bored 😂.   

This is crazy.  We wanted time to enjoy some
 more free time and now that it’s quiet we are 
BORED!  Beats the alternative I guess 

To all a very good day. Enjoy those quiet times 
while they last.  Just like Sniff does every day.

Please forgive if I don’t talk much at times.
  It’s loud enough in my head…