Jun 30, 2022

Thursday June 30th~ Our Backyard and Surrounding Area ~

Don't expect anyone to understand your journey, 
especially if they've never walked your path...

Talk about wildlife.  Coming from a city this sure is different. 
 Not so long ago, Arvid and I spotted a black snake crawling
 out from our backyard onto the road.  We both ran out.  I with
 the machete and a rake.  Arvid just ran out without anything.  
Not sure what he was going to do without any "protection.

We also saw the racoon trying to eat the food from
 our bird feeders.  Chased him away and the feeders
 are now covered every night. No more of that

In the area other "creatures" have been spotted.
  Not all bad.  The little fox is a cutie and there he is 
sitting on the neighbors car.  Calm as can be.

This morning looking out from Arvid's office we 
spotted a vulture.  Huge bird and very impressive that is,
 unless it has something in it's site.  Today he was just relaxing.

It's mating season for the turtles and they are everywhere. 
 I see them in the mornings from our deck and a couple
 have also been spotted in Andrew's garden at AHL.

There is no shortage of birds.  Thank goodness for that.  
They keep Sniff busy throughout the day and wear 
him out to the point that when he does sleep he 
just collapses into a very deep slumber.

I love waking up to the birds and just looking out and
 seeing them at any given time of the day.  They make
 me happy.  They remind me at times of my PR kitties.

We also have a hedgehog that lives in the backyard.
 We see him quite often.  He's kinda fat and cute.  

Our little Chipmunk who I have named Chippy has been 
coming around for about a month now.  The first time I saw 
him he was sitting on the concrete fence in our backyard.

I started giving him peanuts.  From that day on Chippy 
waits for me everyday at around 5:30-6:00 pm.  The time
 I would usually come home from work.  He has been there 
everyday and when I call him he comes running for his nuts.  
Yesterday Arvid said to me, "aren't you going to feed Chippy?"

The deer are always coming to visit.  Recently mama
 deer had a little baby.  The cutest thing you will see.  They 
hunt together and baby follows mama very closely.

One morning I also saw a beautiful black cat.  Standing
 on the same ledge as Chippy does.  This kitty only showed 
up that one time.  I still look for him all the time.

Who know what else there is to "discover" in our backyard/area. 
 Right now I am afraid to go walking because of snakes. 
 I don't care if they are the so called "good" snake. 
 A snake is a snake as far as I am concerned.

Looking forward to see what appears next.  Of course 
there are tons of squirrels, we did see a possum 😟
 and I think what we once saw was a beaver.

No matter how many "cuties" appear in our backyard, 
my cutie is and always will be my Sniff-Sniff 💜

Of course in my eyes Sniff is the most beautiful kitty there is.

The most interesting things in life happen 
just on the other side of your comfort zone...