Jun 5, 2022

Sunday May 5th ~

Thinking too much about what happened and what is
 about to happen will wear you down. Live in the moment...

Today is our day "off" at least it should be, but we will
 be going to Almost Home to check in a new tenant. 
 I have already done the background check and
also had my talk about rules and regulations. 

 All that's left is to do the paperwork.  She hails all the 
way from California.  She is now tenant number 3
 from California.  The other 2 are from San Diego.

  Definitely the differences between California and Missouri 
are vast, extreme I would say but believe it or not, these 
tenants choose to live in Branson and are happy here.

I miss the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea as does Arvid.
  I miss the palm trees and a few other things.  I do not 
miss the traffic in Fort Lauderdale.  Not one bit. 

 I miss Puerto Rico a lot.  My sister, Kimsy and my PR 
kitties, but we also like Branson.  We didn't expect it to
 turn out this way, but in life you never know what 
can and will happen.  You just have to go with 
the flow and give it your best shot.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and peaceful day.

You have only one life, and no one else will live
 it for you. Shouldn't you take the time right...