Aug 19, 2022

Friday August 19th ~

 Start by doing what is necessary, then what is 
possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible...

Two things that caught my eye yesterday on social media.  
There is something for everyone.  That's what makes life
 so very interesting and entertaining.  The meme's about
 Florida 🌴really cracks me up.  Many so true also😂.

Living in Florida isn’t always easy, even though we/many
 wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. Living anywhere, though, 
is a lot easier if you learn to laugh at yourself. Floridians usually 
have a pretty good sense of humor.  Makes for good times.

All of this being said, Florida is and will always be 
considered our home no matter where we go, eventually 
we will always head home.  For now home is Missouri

Yesterday Arvid and I went to the movies.  As most already
 know, I just love going to the movies.  Not the same as watching 
it at home.  Make me happy and I just get all excited about it.

  Does not hurt when it's the dine in movies and you
 can also have a nibble.  Of course, this does not sit well 
with Arvid.  He prefers to eat at home then do the
 movies, but I convinced him that it was OK 😂

Friday.  I smell the weekend already.  Fridays hold possibilities.

The dream is free.  The hustle is sold separately...