Aug 18, 2022

Thursday August 18th

 A truly happy person is one who can
 enjoy the scenery while on a detour...

All is good just a little ache here and there, but that's what 
happens as one gets older ๐Ÿ˜  Aside from that keeping busy, 
especially with all the "chores" Arvid has planned for each day.  

He is the busiest, most hard working man I know.  Retired
 or not, he NEVER slows down.  Arvid always finds things
 to do, and I try to find ways to not have him "make" 
me work with him all day long running "errands"

Just like yesterday today will also be a wet day, though 
cooler it still gets warm up.  Completely looking like winter
 even.  Yesterday Arvid said to me, "you know I was not really
 looking to go back to Florida, but now I am a little more." The 
 weather changes.  Arvid gets "scared" of the cold approaching.

Sniff, the birdies and I are enjoying the cooler temperatures. 
 Well Sniff prefers warmth because as soon as the laundry 
is out of the dryer he finds himself tangled up in them.

  Snoozing as usual.  Sniff does not need a reason to snooze ๐Ÿ’š,
 but fresh laundry is something he just can't resist.

On a different note, summer break is over, and our two
 eldest granddaughters a back to school and happy as can be.  
We love and miss them.  Hope to see them soon ๐Ÿ™

We are all products of our experiences, good and bad.
 Sometimes you learn as much from the negative
 experiences as you do from the positive...