Aug 23, 2022

Thinking of Mom and Dad~ August 23rd

You’ll never want to look back and wish you had
 said something when you had the chance... 

Thinking of my mom right now.  She is the glue that 
keeps our family together.  Every morning without fail we get
 a message, ok on group text.  She's the first one to "appear" there 
most days with her good morning and wishing us a happy day. 

 Never fails and the day we don't see that text from her all 
five of us, her five daughters panic.  Sounds silly but we do. 
 My mom is consistent, so not saying her good mornings is reason 
to panic.  We think so 💙💗 She brings us all tog💚ether.

Summertime mom and dad are happiest when taking 
care of their garden.  After we all chat a little on group text my
 mom would say, "bye now going to check out my plants."

My parents are getting older, we all are and time is going by so fast. 
 I really wish I could see them a little more often that we do, and yes
 I am fortunate because I still have my parents whereas many don't.  
For that reason alone, I never take a day with them for granted.

Good morning everyone, just take a moment to say thank you for 
all the blessings you have in your life.  You may not realize it,
 but the fact that you woke up is good enough reason.

Sometimes you can never get back what you took for granted....