Aug 8, 2022

Monday August 8th ~

 With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

I actually missed this little dude.  He's just adorable.  Lil' Gerald.
He loves to eat, and I really like watching him munch along.
The leaves are falling from the tree.  Too early for fall.

Sniff missed us.  We missed him.  Everything is back to "normal" 
 With the new week comes new challenges and new goals that
 need to be met.  Let's  see how the next few days play out πŸ™

Our family has been hit with bad news times 2.  My aunt,
 my dad's sister died in New York over the weekend.  She was
 ill and it was "expected" but when it happens it's another thing. 
 Of course my parents are now headed to New York. 

The were already booked on a flight a little later in the month,
 but my aunt died before they got to see her.  Like everyone
 in my dad's family, she was a kind woman, and when we lived 
in Guyana, she was always kind to us, especially to me.

We also got the news that a friend of ours more like a sister
 to us also lost her husband/better half of over 29 years.  Even 
Arvid met him in Puerto Rico and remembers him as the guy
 with the cars.  Nirvana was closest to them, and she is devastated
 as well.  Our entire family grieve for him right now. She is
 and will always be our sister from another mother πŸ’”πŸ’”

Good morning all.  Monday again. Each new day
 has a different shape to it. You just roll with it. 

It takes strength to step enthusiastically into each 
day of our lives. This strength comes more readily on some 
days than on others, but every day makes demands on us...