Aug 10, 2022

Wednesday August 10th ~

How people die remains in the memory of those who live on...

Yesterday via zoom I watched the viewing services for 
my aunt in New York.  Today you don't have to be there to 
"be there" makes you at least feel a little better.  I saw my 
dad, the eldest brother in the family make his speech.  
My dad is a good speaker and it was touching.

A sad fact is that with life comes death. It
 will happen to all of us. But that doesn’t make 
dealing with or understanding it any easier.

As the new day begins, we have many things we're 
working on.  A few places we would like to go to and a 
few "bigger" chores that need taking care of here at home.
  Never a dull moment.  Who said when you "retire" you 
actually slow down.  We sure have not seen that yet.

Yesterday we were at Almost Home.  I was happy to
 meet the littlest member there.  He finally came home
 from the hospital, almost a month after being born.  I also 
saw a few of our tenants, got some hugs and left smiling.

The wildlife has been fed and taken care of.  Sniff has
 been brushed and fed, now he is just watching the birds
 and trying to stay out of Arvid's papers.  Overall a very 
good morning here.  Wishing you all the same.

Happy Birthday Victoria.  Enjoy your day an your 
vacation in Ibiza.  Never forget how special you are ๐Ÿ’—

Two things define you: your patience when you have
 nothing and your attitude when you have everything...