Aug 11, 2022

Waiting, Not My Best Quality ~

Patience is not simply the ability to wait, 
 it's how we behave while we're waiting... 

Because we had to take back Almost Home within a short 
time of coming back to Branson; I never had time to even look 
into doctors, especially into an endocrinologist.  After weeks
 of trying to get hold of one, someone finally answered. 

 I finally managed to talk to a real person.  I do have an 
appointment.  earliest appointment available was October 12th.
  Much later than I wanted but what can i say, I guess I am thankful
 I have one.  As a friend of mine loves to say, "it is what it is."

Forget about seeing a dentist.  I have called so
 many their answer is more or less the same, "we are not
 seeing new patients for the rest of the year, but if you like 
you can schedule an appoint for early next year."

Well I'll be darned.  I told the girl at the endocrinologist's 
office that I could die before I make it to the appointment. 
 She was a little taken back for words, but finally said, 
"I'm sorry.  if someone cancels we will call you."

I did see a general doctor mid June concerning bites I was
 getting.  He recommended a tetanus shot which I got.  He 
also recommended a full lab work up.  With thyroids issues it's 
recommended you do labs every 3 months.  The last time I did lab
 word was October 2021 in Puerto Rico.  Soon to be 10 months.

So he wrote up the script for the blood work and said he 
would send it to the lab.  This was mid June.  So last week 
the doctor's office called and asked why I had not gone to the lab 
and had my blood work done.  I made an excuse, and said I will
 be going.  So the next day I went.  This was last Thursday.

I got to the lab all excited because it was not full. 
 I was seen right away.  The phlebotomist checked her 
computer to see what it is I needed done.  Well low and behold,
 there was nothing in their system for my lab work.  The
 doctor's office had completely  forgotten to send it in.  

Let's see how it goes this week.  So far I am not having
 a good impression of how the medical/dental system 
works here.  Last time we lived here it worked smoothly.  
Everyone now blames COVID. Who knows?

Our day is looking good.  The days are still hot, but
 the evenings and mornings are cooler.  Loving the cooler 
temperatures.  No longer a fan of the heat.  Neither of us.

Good morning everyone.  Soon it's the weekend.  Again 😂

Life consists not in holding good cards 
but in playing those you hold well....