May 1, 2023

New Month ~ New Week Hello May ~

 We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone...

May, and it is still pretty cold here in Branson, Missouri. 
 The heat at home is still on.  Allergies are still acting up 
and,  life is sure good 😂 all things considered.

Brutus and little Shadow have birthdays in May.  Had they been 
alive, Brutus would have been an "old" man today, and Shadow would
 have been eight years old.  They both live in my heart and my memories.  
Some days their absence breaks my heart a little more than the usual.

Not sure what to expect with the new month, but I know 
that whatever it is we will make the best of this time here.  
Sniff is happy and he keeps me smiling all the time.

Every moment is a fresh new beginning.  Happy new month to all.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important 
as what you become by achieving your goals...