Mar 18, 2024

Monday March 18th~

A new week rolls in.  A week full of
 promise, potential and endless possibilities. 
 A week for you to pursue your dreams...

 As the new week begins both Arvid and I do 
our very best to always find something to do
 and to stay busy.  Today is no exception.

March has been a really good month so far. 
 My voice is slowly getting back to normal. 
There is still a little huskiness to it due to the
 hoarseness, but getting better all the time.

The weekend was good to us.  We enjoyed the 
company of a good friend and also we had alone
 time to enjoy downtown on our own and a little 
outing yesterday by the water always a good time.

As far as St Patrick’s Day celebrations went
we stayed away from the craziness and did stuff in a 
more relaxed setting.  Could be we are getting old, but 
for sure we like the quieter lifestyle.  We also have our 
routine of enjoying relaxed times in the evenings.
 Just watch TV and sharing each others company.

So far our week ahead is wide open. A little 
rain maybe a couple of days in the forecast, 
but otherwise sunshine all day long.

To all a very good week ahead.  May you
 accomplish all you set out to do.  For my sister
 Rima and family this is the week they move into 
their forever home.  They just bought a 10 
acre property and Arvid is “dying” to see it.  

Happy week to all.  And may you 
always have sunshine in your life.

You have to be where you are
 to get where you need to go...