Mar 30, 2024

Saturday March 30th~

An important reason why spending time with your 
family is essential is because tomorrow is never promised...

 Wishing everyone a very good weekend and 
a happy Easter.  Hopefully you get to spend it with
 your loved ones making those forever memories. At 
the same time, why not indulge in some good foodies.

Today our second grand-daughter turns 9.  To know 
her is to love her.  She is funny, smart and constantly on the go.  
Full of life and they typical description of sugar and spice. 
 That's our Vanessa.  We love you little one and we can't
 wait to see you and everyone come summer.

Last night Arvid and I had a little outing downtown.  Never
 disappoints, and always something interesting going on.  Last
 night it was all about Jesus.  He does this every year, at least since
 we've been in Fort Myers.  Just sits and people approach him.  Always 
in the same spot.  Same clothes.  same look.  Happy Easter all.  

May you live in interesting times...