Mar 12, 2024

Tuesday March 12th~

There's nothing more peaceful than alone time...

 I have most of the day on my own.  Love it and looking 
forward to doing some more exploring.  Best part of the 
day will be late tonight when we get home to Sniff.  can't 
wait to see my little Sniff-Sniff.  I have missed him.

Life has taught me that being able to spend time on my 
own and to enjoy my own company is maybe an advantage
 I and many who enjoy the same have over many others.  

It means we are not afraid to venture out on on own 
regardless of the consequences.  As they say, loving 
your own company is a journey to self -discovery.  That
 being said, I love sharing life/adventures with Arvid.
  For now though, I will enjoy my alone time.

  Enjoying my own little world.  Capturing moments
 of solitude.  Simply content with being alone...