Mar 26, 2024

Tuesday March 26th~

Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself...

 Whenever we head downtown, which is quite often, we 
have to pass by a few of my favorite places.  One being 
Luminary Hotel and its surrounding areas.  Always makes
 for a very pleasant time.  Yesterday was no exception.

Walking back home is also always a pleasant time. 
 If we're lucky we get to cat the sunset.  Other times we see
 the stars and the moon.  Either way it's a good time.

Here at home Sniff and I are always awake early.  Sniff makes
 sure he gets his brushing and playtime.  In fact, he demands it.

Yesterday I fed many birds and squirrels.  Made 
me very happy.  Wishing everyone a good day.

Remember, you're the one who
 can fill the world with sunshine...